Anti-corrosive protection

Corrosion prevention, including planning and realisation of coating on steel and concrete constructions.

This corrosion prevention serves to keep this plants resistant against:

- agressive water
- gases and acids
- physical and chemical impacts

Corrosion prevention is generally applied on old devices, such as:

- storage tanks
- pipelines and fans
- heat-exchangers
- exhaust pipelines and stacks
- condensers, etc.

Heat-exchanger coating – to prevent the building of waterstone and at the same time it also serves as protection against acids.


- rubber coating: hard and soft rubber
- on site
- autoclaves, etc.

Arbosol: The alternative toward rubber coating

Arbosol belongs to PVC-group and allows coating of complex construction elements.

Duroplastic materials:

Hot or cold hardened

Blasting services:

Fireproof coating:

The purpose of this coating is, in a case of fire to prolong the time of heating of steel construction to 500°C and hereby to prolong its stability to save people and to stop the fire. Fireproof covering and fire protection plaster are realised until F 180.

Sprayed galvanizing:

In the course of this technology is a melted 99% pure zinc-wire transported by compressed air on the blasted surface.

Concrete coating:

Spectrum reaches from reinforcement with CFK lamellas, over sprayed concrete applications, injection works to sealing against moisture and old building restoration.
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