Weighing systems

Company Metal Servis Inžiniering, s.r.o. is a contractual authorized partner of reputable scales producers Pfister Waagen Bilanciai GmbH and EHP Wägetechnik GmbH. These companies have their representatives in more than 40 countries all over the world and they are listed on leading positions in the area of scales producers. The evidence of stability on the market and quality is a 150-year old tradition of scale producing. Products from this companies are accepted world wide not only by users, but also by specialists in field of metrology.

Our employees are periodically trained in the field of metrology. Specialized qualification of the company is supported by registration requested by law, which was granted to the company according to fulfillment of all defined requirements.
Company Metal Servis Inžiniering, s.r.o. has employees, which are certified in field of metrology for all kinds of scales with automatic and also non-automatic operation.

Products we offer:

- Truck scales, concrete or steel truck weighbridges
- Wheel load scales, resp. axle load scales (mobile – easy to transport)
- Railway scales for static weighing or portable mobile scales (easy to transport and to install)
- Platform scales (from the small desktop scale up to heavy weight platform)
- Special weighing systems
- crane scales
- weighing indicators (for counter scales, platform scales and or truck weighbridges)
- weighing programm software
- load cells (analogue or digital)
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